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Meet Stephen Houser!

The Twin Lakes Library System is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Houser to the position of Library System Director effective October 1, 2014.


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Children's Programming

Children’s Programming

The Twin Lakes Library System is renowned for its children’s programming. With programming weekly it’s no wonder our patrons keep coming back for more.

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All Systems GO

For Your InformationThe Twin Lakes Library System experienced some technical difficulties yesterday. These issues have been resolved.


30 Days Have September…

circulation-flatWelcome to the last day of September.

September has 30 days. This month has been dedicated to the importance of the library card and things that go on around the Circulation department. Just because September will end for the year does not mean your library card is any less important. In fact, your library card is one of the most important cards in your wallet.

I would like to personally thank everyone who came out an supported the Library on Saturday, September 27th for our 34th Annual Library Fair. We had a lot of fun. Thank you to all our supporters who were not able to make it to the Fair. And thank you to our sponsors! And Friends!

Thirty days have September,
April, June, and November.
All the rest have 31,
Except February alone,
And that has 28 days clear,
And 29 in a leap year.

Are you ready for NANOWRIMO?


34th Annual Library Fair

COME For Your InformationONE! COME ALL!



Psst!  That’s tomorrow from 9AM until 2PM!


30 Days of Circulation

circulation2Where is the best place to find a mustache?

The 34th Annual Library Fair!

No, seriously.   You might be the lucky winner of a mustache sticker or mustache finger tattoo at the Library Fair Midway Games.  Not to mention all the other wonderfully fun prizes you could be winning!  Everyone is a winner at the Library Fair Midway Games.  So don’t forget to purchase your Midway Game tickets when you arrive at the Library Fair.

In other Circulation New:  There will be no circulation of materials during Library Fair.  You may bring your items to return for checkin but no one will be allowed to checkout. There will be too many other activities going on around the Circulation desk and besides, the collections are closed to the public during Library Fair.

Don’t forget to bring your Friends of the Library Membership card to receive your free Bargain Bag of Books at the book sale register.


30 Days of Circulation

circulation-flatFour days!  Four days! Four days until the 34th Annual Library Fair!  Come one! Come all!  Saturday, September 27, 2014 from 9AM until 2PM. One of the biggest library fundraisers of the year!  [Can you tell I am excited?!?]

There are thirty days in September and September is ‘Library Card Sign-up month’. Your library card is one of the most important cards in your wallet right up there next to your photo ID and debit/credit cards. Owning a library card account is a great privilege. We are thankful to have you as our patrons to the Twin Lakes Library System and hope that you will join us on Saturday, September 27th to support your library.